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I have to admit, I’m sad that I’m done with my trip recaps already, because now I am faced with the daunting task of deciding what to write about.  I fear this will be very stream-of-consciousness; consider yourself warned!

Everyone has been lovely in welcoming me home, but I think no one is happier to see me than he is:

My beautiful furry friend has been following me around like a puppy, nuzzling me at every turn and even sleeping with me.  I hadn’t been sure whether my absence would provoke lots of love or vicious attacks upon my return, but thank god it’s the former!

Last night I went to a networky get together with my friend J.  A guy she knows who is also an attorney put it together.  He seems like one of those people who knows everyone and is really good about staying in touch with people and networking and shmoozing and all that good stuff.  I wholeheartedly admire people like that, but I myself am just not like that.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually love meeting new people.  I try to always be friendly, and given the right situation I can be really outgoing.  But sometimes in big groups I am more inclined to just hang back and take it all in.  And when it comes to marketing myself, I’m sometimes shy.  I never want to seem like I’m being pushy or obnoxious, so I feel like it’s a fine line.  My firm has gotten really gung ho about the marketing thing lately too — today we had a workshop on “elevator pitches.”  So I know this is something I need to work on.

Still, I’m never quite sure how others perceive me, so it’s always interesting to find out.  Last night one of the guys was extremely charming and gregarious and J. and I and two others were talking to him.  He turned to J. and said, “You look very Nordic.”  [We cracked up.  J. is petite and blond, but I think “Nordic” may be a first.]  Then he turned to me and said “You look very…tall.”  Then he continued, “…unassuming…and gentle.”

Hmm….okaaaay.  I suppose there is nothing particularly wrong with unassuming-ness.  And there’s certainly nothing wrong with being gentle.  I’m just not sure that’s the image I want to be projecting to the world.  In the dating world, unassuming is probably just code for boring, no?  And in business?  I mean, I’m a litigator for God’s sake!  If you were going to trial, would you hire the “unassuming and gentle” trial attorney?  Unassuming and gentle makes me sound like this:


So yeah…guess I need to work on that. 



6 Responses

  1. I don’t think unassuming is necessarily code for boring. Not at all.

    As for the image a person projects and for the person/personality they actually are? I personally prefer it when there you think a person is one way, then you realize there’s more than meets the eye. Usually unassuming people are like that…and it’s a pleasant surprise when you get to know or see more of their personality. Yay for unassuming!

    It’s funny about images we project to others. I sure as hell don’t know what image I project. From friends, I’ve got very differing views on how I was perceived upon first sight/meeting — from ‘You looked totally stuck up’ to ‘You looked so sweet and shy’. For the record, I’m neither stuck up. Nor shy. But it’s funny what people pick up…

  2. A lamb in litigation is the best thing to be…ever hear that saying about a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

  3. I struggle with the same thing as an attorney – being a “nice girl”, you don’t necessarily fit in. But I don’t really think it is true that you need to be overly aggressive to succeed at it. Being able to get along with most opposing counsel can often serve you and your client better than being overly argumentative. You just have to know when to pick your battles, and I’m sure when that time comes you are anything but a lamb.

    Trust me, it is a good thing if you don’t come across as a stereotypical attorney…..nobody really likes them anyway.

  4. I actually have to remind myself that you’re an attorney, anyway. I guess they do make nice versions of you people. 🙂

  5. I don’t think “unassuming” is a bad thing. It just means that you’re not an egoist. That can be a good thing. It means you can sneak in under people’s radar… 😉

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