**Yes, I know I promised this post would be about the result of my mom’s matchmaking attempt.  But I wanted to write about something else, so this is a slight detour.**

Every so often, I will be plugging along in my everyday life when something inspires me and I have to take a step back and think about it.  Tonight that inspiration came in the form of V., a woman who just joined the committee of the domestic violence awareness/prevention nonprofit that I’m involved with.  V. is probably in her 20’s like me, and she has a full-time job doing something in finance.  She explained to us that her “other” job is working for a different domestic violence organization, answering the hotline on Saturday nights and sometimes during the week acting as a moral support companion to domestic violence victims testifying in court.  She also organizes several performances of the Vagina Monologues every year.  And now here she is, giving more of herself by joining our committee.  As you might imagine, she is very energetic and competent.

Wow.  I, for one, am inspired. Here’s someone who’s a real doer.  It takes a certain personality type to be so passionate about a cause that you will devote so much of your time to it.  And she, and the other people I know who are like this, do all that they do in such an uncomplaining and vibrant way.  I find myself so often getting overwhelmed in my own life and my own schedule, but in reality I could be more efficient with my time.  I could be doing much more.

If you were to devote yourself to a cause, dear readers, what would it be?